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Dali: A Meeting with Happiness


The Beauty of Ecological Environment



The beauty of Dali lies primarily in its natural environment. There is a notable saying “Clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver”. However, the former actually weigh the latter. The great beauty between heaven and earth is speechless, and so is the great beauty of clear waters and green mountains in Dali。


Ecological beauty is the background and crown of Dali; ecological beauty is also the soul and spirit of Dali。


Dali owes its great beauty to the spectacular mountains and rivers, the beautiful fields and gardens, the harmonious hamlets and villages, the elegant cities and towns。


Throughout the four seasons, green prevails in Dali. The mountains and rivers are occupied by the vast green; the fields are dominated by green corps seasonally, where a low-carbon lifestyle is formed。


While the season rotates and time flies, green remains here。


The ecological beauty of Dali is pervasive. It is also invincible, breathtaking and fascinating。


The great beauty of the mountains in Dali is marked by its loftiness, humbleness, broadness and spaciousness。


High and steep, the mighty mountains with snow-capped peaks resemble Dali people who are persevering as the snowy cliffs remaining everlasting, but open-minded as the mountain ranges stretching boundless miles without end. More notably, Dali people are full of passion for life as what the brisk birds and the diligent goatherd bring to hills and prairie. The mountain ranges, to some extent, bear the spirit, life, dream and emotion of its people like God, solemn and still。


The great beauty of the mountains lies in its generosity and richness. Thanks to its generosity, the people are nourished and all living things are nurtured; and thanks to its richness, this land is fertilized and the landscape is embellished。


The priority of ecological protection and sustainable development are rooted in the life of Dali people. This traditional notion of man-nature unity will be passed on from generation to generation。


Whoever is able to appreciate the ecological beauty of Dali is destined to feel the tolerance, simplicity, disposition, the temperate abundance and real existence of this land and its people。


The Beauty of Culture


The beauty of Dali lies then in its culture。


Crowned with the title as a Famous Land of Literature, Dali has enjoyed an unrivalled reputation and continuous civilization since long time ago。


As far as history is concerned, Dali is an old wine with a rich and aromatic taste in the depths of time. This immortal civilization was more than one thousand years in the making, utterly fascinating. For the world, Dali is Switzerland of the East, Cambridge of China. For people here, it is the Garden of Eden that sows love and dream. For travelers, it is a harbor for wandering hearts。


The history of Dali factually became an indispensable part of Chinese history since Xi Nuluo founded Da Meng regime centering about Dali since the 23rd year of Zhenguan Reign (627—649) in Tang dynasty。


Dali is the land where our soul settles. This land gives birth to the pines and cypresses standing upright in the midst of blizzard. The persevering and tough spirit of local people is forged under the natural phenomena and conveyed to all the living things. So every species, even if a leaf owns the character. It is injected in the blood of every person here. Local people work from dawn to dusk, walk on fields and winding alleys, sing along with a three-stringed guitar and live in the ancient town where memories will be preserved. Dali people’s admiration of hometown feelings makes a perfect combination of the history, culture and custom。


In Dali, there might be a legend or an allusion behind every old village, market, alley, house, eave, or an ancient pagoda, inscription, or even a rock。


There are many folk artists living in the old town. The richly colored tie-dye products, the carved rock statues, the woodcarving handicrafts and the most sought after basket weaving art works will be the excellent representations of craftsmanship in Dali。


For generations, Dali people have been living in numerous stories and died in various legends. Deep in their hearts, there is always an everlasting home for themselves. Just because of this, Dali people passionately love this land of paradise, their birth place, and every grass and tree on this land。


The Beauty of Life


The beauty of Dali lies also in the way people live。


Life here is like tea. Dali people pursue no wealth or fame; they just live in a way they like. Every day a cup of tea will unlock the simple life。



Life here is also like water, which is both formless and formful, both colorless and colorful. Dali people are no dull; instead, their life is full of variety and splendor. Life here is more like breeze in the pine forests and drizzle in the bamboo groves. Walking by the river, you will observe summer clouds wafted by the wind and fishermen singing along with joyful songs. Yet the breeze is blowing not only to your face, but your soul. No wonder Dali is praised as a magic land beyond the clouds, an idyllic hideaway, where life approaches perfection and residents will spend their whole life。



Dali is a fertile land nourished by happiness and a cozy home enclosed with love, breeding peace and generosity, nurturing hope and prospect. Happiness flourishes everywhere and love extends to every corner on this land, broad, deep and sincere。


Within the picturesque setting, the land of Dali nourishes its people with craftsmanship spirit and artistic temperament. Almost everyone lives a fresh and refined life。


“If you keep a positive attitude, it is easier for you to be happy no matter what you may get through” declares a Buddhist quote that reveals a true meaning of life. Similarly, when you open yourself up and settle down somewhere in Dali, you can savor every moment here and feel warmth of Dali people. The paradise of love will be absolutely reflected in your heart。


Life here is like a time-cherished record. Only by enjoying it with an esthetic sentiment can you truly appreciate its classicality, charm and eternal fascination。


The Beauty of Harmony


The beauty of Dali lies all in all in its harmony。




Harmony in Dali is an attitude, a concept, an ideal state and a proposition。

Harmony here is inclusive, moderate, lasting and peaceful。

Here, everything is in harmony, harmonious people, harmonious culture, harmonious ecology, and harmonious nature。




In Dali, harmony constantly goes hand in hand with people’s everyday life. It seems as if they always lived in spring days peacefully and hopefully。

In Dali, harmony is a haunting melody. It sounds like a hymn piercing darkness and spreading warmth。

In Dali, harmony is like the sun, beams pleasant, and colors bright, inspiring people to expect daybreak and bestowing on people a crystal clear sky。


In Dali, harmony is so pure and clean as the water of Erhai Lake, soothing life and swaying cool till the end of the world。


Dali's harmony, like the spirituality of Buddha and Zen, represents the unique Dali style and the harmonization between mankind and nature. It features perfect synchronizations between the delicate natural landscape, the rich humanistic spirit, the deep cultural heritage and the romantic ethnic custom。


If you come to Dali, its glamorous scenery will purify your mind and memory. The most striking natural landscapes that make Dali romantically charming are the refreshing wind in Xiaguan Town, the pretty flowers in Shangguan District, the white snow on Cangshan Mountains and the bright moon reflected in Erhai Lake. Pack your life bag with these memories and you will feel a long-lost warmth, a quite peace and a transcendental freedom。


A handful of good tea leaves, some boiling water and several old friends will help you enjoy a rainy afternoon or a quiet night with bright moon. If you live here for a couple of days, you will be intoxicated with the tranquility, or the refinement, or the rusticity, or the leisure of Dali style unfolded in the crowd and finally understand the reason why a great number of travelers are obsessed with Dali where they can settle down and make it a home for their spirit and soul。


The beauty of the future


The beauty of Dali lies further in its future。


As a land of hope, a land of miracle, Dali is a place for your dreams to come true at any moment. The crystal blue sky here allows you to fly freely above the clouds. The multicolored alpenglow here encourages fragrant flowers to brightly bloom on the fields. There is a grand stage where you can let go of the young hearts passionately and dance with your dream elegantly between the heaven and earth. The fertile land allows you to grow, to fly with eagles and to keep up with the times。


Dali people unite and strive to make a better place with deep passion as their ancestors did. From the silver swallows flying in the sky, to the CRH on the ground; from the upgrading of the central city of western Yunnan, to the developmental construction of the bridgehead; from the great efforts of targeted poverty reduction to the prosperity of the well-off society, they have made a great achievement。



Picking a piece of jade cloud from Cangshan Mountains, Dali people will be able to weave colorful roads。

Scooping up a handful of jade-like water from Erhai Lake, Dali people will be able to grow plentiful grains。


Romantic love stories told in the movie The Five Golden Flowers now still emerge on this land every day. It’s obvious that many tough guys have been captured by love. The big show Dreams of Butterflies is regularly on now, in which the dancers pop up and disappear with dreamy and blurred lights like colorful butterflies. No wonder many audience’s passion and dream have been reactivated and decorated with these graceful movements. No wonder some of them will set their minds to stay here and no longer to return。



The mighty Cangshan Mountains will testify that hope can grow anywhere and glory can be born everywhere on the land of Dali。

The sparkling Erhai Lake will testify that the seed of a burning fire is germinating and a blushing sun is rising from deep in the hearts of daughters and sons on this land. (文:李智红,英译:黄思杨)